The Center of Excellence for Collaborative Quality Improvement (CECQI) has been established to grow and support a community of statewide surgical quality improvement collaboratives.




Building on the Collaborative Quality Improvement (CQI) model established in Michigan, the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (MSQC) has begun an effort to bring together other similar statewide initiatives by establishing the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Quality Improvement (CECQI).

Over our 12+ years’ experience, the local approach to Collaborative Quality Improvement has afforded Michigan an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective means to tackle targeted quality improvement initiatives with great success. However, Michigan is just one of many successful state-wide surgical quality collaborative programs throughout the country. Through the establishment of the CECQI, we aim to create a national platform to learn from each other’s experiences, grow our collective knowledge base and accelerate our improvements - together.




Collaborate locally - Learn strategically - Improve nationally


It is the CECQI mission to cultivate partnerships across state lines, inspire sharing of lessons learned from quality improvement endeavors and ‘collaborate among collaboratives’ to create a powerful Learning Health System for Improving Surgical Outcomes.


What we rely on is a spirit of collaboration. It’s measurement to improve, not measurement to judge.
— Darrell Campbell Jr., M.D., MSQC Program Director